Usva International 2010

Usva (The Mist) is a webzine publishing speculative fiction (fantasy, science fiction, horror stories, mainstream prose with a speculative twist) – short stories, poetry, articles, photos and illustrations.

Usva International 2010 publishes six superb Finnish short stories.

Katja Salminen’s Boughs, Copses, Bones, Corpses combines pagan themes with the modern world. Salminen paints for the reader a forest, where the trees hide secrets. A woman in seclusion in a wilderness cabin for a week meets ancient powers in the woods.

Marika Riikonen’s The Jewel in the Crown twists the familiar fairy tale of Cinderella into an unexpected direction. The focus is now on the prince, and what a prince! Marketta Niemelä’s effective science fiction piece, Wagtail, gives us a startling portrayal of parenthood and the children’s’ role in a society, where motherhood is granted by agreement.
Carita Forsgren’s Hairball is a warm and humoristic short story of a woman and a drain block, but also of love, which may suddenly surround you.

Marko Hautala’s The Laughing Doll is an intensive short story about a gathering of friends, overshadowed by a malformed figure of their childhoods. Tomi Jänkälä’s Black Water is a lifelike short story of a young heavy metal fan. The story combines perfectly teenage horror, the final moments of childhood as well as the rough and complicated family relationships.

Cover art and illustrations by Juha Veltti

Translators: Liisa Rantalaiho, Anna Volmari and Juha Tupasela, Jyri Luoma, Marianna Leikomaa, Emmi Itäranta

Download here for free:

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